I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) since 2016, and mum of three children aged 15, 12 and 9. I currently see clients at my office at 3 Landscape Road (above Fiacla Dental) in Churchtown.

I have just complete an MSc by research at the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems in UCD. I undertook qualitative research on the experiences of women breastfeeding with primary low milk supply. I am an occasional lecturer on breastfeeding and lactation-related modules in UCD. I also teach breastfeeding/lactation seminars for GP-training schemes and other 3rd-level healthcare-related courses and I am available as a conference speaker.

I am passionate about supporting and empowering women in the early days of new motherhood, and helping them to have an experience of breastfeeding that they are happy with. Breastfeeding has been a big part of my life since I had my first baby 14  years ago – feeding him, training as a Cuidiu breastfeeding counsellor (I was a volunteer with Cuidiu for 10 years), having two more babies and then finally qualifying as an IBCLC! I am also a fully qualified yoga and pregnancy yoga teacher with 13 years teaching experience.

Here are some articles I have written:

Severe HSV-1 Mastitis in a Breastfeeding Mother Severe HSV-1 Mastitis in a Breastfeeding Mother (elacta-magazine.eu) (if you email me I can send you a PDF of this article)

Infant Feeding with Insufficient Glandular Tissue Infant Feeding With Insufficient Glandular Tissue | All4Maternity

Breastfeeding and Angelman Syndrome Case Study http://www.alcireland.ie/case-study-breastfeeding-and-angelman-syndrome/

LGBTQ+ and You http://www.alcireland.ie/lgbtq-and-you-write-up-of-lcinpp-talk-by-stephanie-wagner/

Breastfeeding and Hyperemesis https://www.hyperemesis.ie/get-help/hg-and-breastfeeding/

The First Hours After Birth http://yogadublin.com/blog/2017/03/10/the-first-hours-after-birth-and-why-they-matter

Becoming an IBCLC http://www.alcireland.ie/the-voluntary-counsellor-route-towards-ibclc-certification/

I am available to present at conferences on the following topics:

  1. Changing Perspectives on Breastfeeding and Lactation through the Four Waves of Feminism.
  2. Instagram and the IBCLC: Ethics, Sharenting, Privacy and Maternal Mental Health
  3. The Three Pillars of Effective Breastfeeding Support: Establishing Rapport, Supporting Breastfeeding Self-efficacy and Providing Individualised Care
  4. Getting Started in Private Practice
  5. Providing Skilled and Sensitive Lactation Support to parents who have Primary Low Milk Supply
  6. Breastfeeding with Insufficient Glandular Tissue: Understanding the Practical and Emotional Challenges
  7. Investigating Low Milk Supply: Is it Perceived, Secondary or Primary?
  8. Becoming a Mother in the Shadow of Primary Low Milk Supply
  9. The What, the Why and the How of At-the-Breast-Supplementation
  10. Breastfeeding Twins
  11. Providing skilled and sensitive support to parents with latching and positioning.